All members of the VVC Athletic Department shall adhere to the following rules and standards of conduct in addition to the VVC Code of Student Conduct.
Drug and Alcohol Use: It is the policy of VVC to prohibit the unlawful use, sale, dispensing, transfer or possession of controlled substances, alcoholic beverages or drugs not medically authorized. The use or possession of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages by any student during any practice, activity or competition is prohibited and will result in the participant being removed from that activity. Any athlete involved in the unlawful use of drugs or alcohol or who violate the alcohol or drug policies in the Victor Valley College Code of Student Conduct may face suspension or dismissal from the team and /or VVC, as well as legal action. All student-athletes are subject to all local, state and federal laws.

As a student-athlete you are a highly visible representative of the college. It is very important that you act in a manner that will not embarrass either yourself nor the college. Therefore, in addition to any college sanctions that may be imposed for misconduct, student-athletes may be considered for suspension or dismissal from participation for any of the following:
1. Academic dishonesty.
2. Violation of VVC code of conduct.
3. Arrest for any crime other than a minor traffic offense.
4. Possession of any illegal drug, including the unlawful possession or consumption of alcohol.
5. Unauthorized possession of any steroid.
6. Fighting with, threatening the safety of, or harassing any individual.
7. Destruction or theft of VVC property.
8. Unauthorized entry into any VVC building.
9. Any conduct that reflects unfavorably upon VVC  or it’s Athletic Program.

Head coach, or designated appointee, will be responsible for imposing disciplinary sanctions. The sanction imposed may also be indefinite pending the outcome of an investigation, hearing, or other future event.
First Offense: May result in suspension from the next contest or removal/dismissal from the team depending on the severity of the misconduct and the surrounding circumstances.
Second Offense: May result in suspension from team activities and removal/dismissal from the team.
Subsequent Offense: In most cases, may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.
Disciplinary Appeals: Should a student-athlete believe that he or she may have a grievance subject to appeal, that student-athlete may file a written appeal with the Athletic Director describing the specifics of the grievance. The Athletic Director will then hold an informal meeting with the student-athlete and the head coach. If the Athletic Director and the coach are one and the same, then the Vice President of Student Services will hold an informal meeting. If the complaint is not resolved, the student-athlete has a right to request a hearing with the Judicial Affairs Board.

Team Conduct During Travel

Student-athletes are expected to adhere to the following travel rules:

1. Instructors must be informed prior to the trip and all efforts must be made to assure assignments are complete.
2. Be on time at scheduled departure times and location.
3. To travel to and from a school authorized event in school authorized transportation unless released by the head coach.
4. To conduct themselves in an appropriate manner as an official representative of Victor Valley College.
5. Any damage done to hotel/motel rooms is considered a violation and will be paid for by the student.

Conduct Policy for Social Media

1. Understand that any post(s) made in reference to Victor Valley College related to your own accounts are subject to the VVC Code of Conduct.
2. Learn and understand the use of privacy settings for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media.
3. Assume that anything you post on your personal account could be read by staff, opposing teams, recruits, recruiters, alumni, and future employers. Be smart and understand that you are “always” representing Victor Valley College and are subject to the guidelines put forth in the to the Code of Conduct.
4. Student-athletes who post negative, embarrassing, derogatory, inflammatory or any other comments that are inappropriate or negatively represent the Athletic Department or college will be immediately suspended and/or dismissed from the Athletic Department.
5. Keep in mind that we have set forth these policies not only to protect the college and the athletic department, but also to protect our student athletes.

The information contained in this Code of Conduct and Contract is not intended to be all inclusive. Each Victor Valley College student-athlete is encouraged to speak with his or her coach whenever any problem, concern or questions arise regarding their academic or athletic experiences at VVC.
The College reserves the right to inform parents, guardians or immediate family members of students who are found to be in violation of the Student Athlete Code of Conduct. This is to be used primarily for, but not limited to, alcohol, drug, or threats of harm to self and others. I also grant permission for the coach, or designated appointee, to provide information on either my academic performance or my financial account, to my parent/guardian.